If you have kids and you are yet to master the art of putting them to sleep, latest by 8pm, you are on your own ooo! You sure have some unfinished business(es) to deal with before sleeping, don’t you?
There are many things to factor in, like…

*There is the initial 1-2 hours of “REM-non-REM sleep cycle” , when the kids are not yet deeply asleep and you don’t want to do anything “loud” that can easily wake them up.

*There is the clearing of the kitchen, setting the stage for breakfast, prepping for the next day’s work, locking of the doors and windows etc.

*Then, there is the “earthquake” that scatters the bed you spent hours making. (why make it in the first place?!!)

*And then, there is this Sunnah our mother, ‘Aaisha (ra) told us about:
“The Prophet (ﷺ) and I used to take a bath from a single pot of water and our hands used to go in the pot after each other in turn.” (Bukhari 5/261- Book of Ghusl)

So you see, if you don’t have a ready-made explanation to give your children as to why you were both chuckling in the shower at 12am the other night; let them go to sleep early!!!

It’s healthier for their brain and necessary for the sanity of the home.

BaarakAllaah feekum.


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