When the burden of marriage and parenting, plus or minus career weigh you down, the last thing you want to think about is how to go back to madrasah. Then you resort to Sheikh Google, Facebook wannabe-Alfas and Television Ustaz/Ustazahs, just to get quick fatwas. You console yourself that, “well, whatever level we have reached now, the children will continue from there”.

Of course, you’d be a proud parent, seeing your children achieve things you never achieved at their age; but that’s not an excuse for complacency on your own part. You might get some credit but their knowledge is theirs, not yours. We have seen elderly mothers going back to school to get diplomas, degrees, fellowships etc. So, what stops us from going to learn more about our deen too? Acquisition of knowledge is incumbent on every muslim; male or female, young or old.

Abu Sa‘id al-Khudri reports that some women said to the Prophet (saw): “Men have gone ahead of us (in terms of acquisition of knowledge), therefore, appoint a special day for our benefit as well.” Then, the Prophet (saw) fixed one day for them. He would meet them on that day, advise them and educate them about commandments of Allaah. (Bukhari)

Dear Abu, if you know your wife is  “Maa shaa Allaah” in Islamic knowledge, let her come out and teach others, or let the others come and learn from her, please.  And you, yes Abu I’m referring to you; your wife doesn’t know anything about the deen, yet you don’t want her to mix with other women in the name of gheerah? Then, you’d better be ready to teach her yourself!


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