Ramadan Mufeedun

Ramadan is around the corner and I have compiled all my previous writeups related to healthy living during the holy month.

I’m pleased to unveil the ebook:



Are you feeling anxious about Ramadan and the impact it might have on your health and/or productivity?

Are you a pregnant woman or nursing mom and you’re not sure if fasting is right for you?

Are you that person who easily becomes weak and unproductive during the month of Ramadan?

Are you getting conflicting advice from your doctors and Imams regarding your eligibility to fast while undergoing your medical treatment?

You are not alone!

This ebook is my pre-Ramadan gift to help you stay healthy, happy and productive while fasting for the 29 or 30 days.

Let me show you how Ramadan can make you a better version of yourself, not only spiritually, but also physically and mentally!

Pay ₦1000 to:
GTB 0149913684
Tijani Khadijah

Send your proof of payment to:

Or, click on this link:

Pay with your card and you’ll be redirected to the WhatsApp page where you will get the ebook.

The book is also available on Amazon Kindle store. Click here to get a copy.

BONUS: Free virtual checkup with Doctor KT. Valid till 29th or 30th Sha’baan, 1443.

Get a copy now, and be ready for your best Ramadan yet!

©Doctor KT

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