The Stampede

Hello there!

I’m excited to let you know that there’s a new addition to my bookshelf. Yay!

The Stampede tales of love, trials and faith – is a compilation of short stories from my collection of faith-based fictional stories. Full of suspense and moral lessons, it is a good read for young muslims.

The stampede – Kifayah conceives after five years of waiting and her husband, Jamaal, thinks they should postpone their plans for hajj until the following year. Unfortunately, she gets caught up in one of the deadliest stampede in history. Will she survive?

Love is not enough – Semirah knows that she is getting married to an impostor but her father already fell for his scam. How will she sail through a marriage that is full of lies upon lies?

Selfless – A brave woman recounts how her best friend went from becoming her co-wife, to saving her life from the cold hands of cancer.

Uncovered – After taking advantage of her naivety, Banji proposed to Tolu and took her to America to study medicine. Rather than staying chaste, Tolu dived deeper and deeper into infidelity. Banji becomes a better muslim, but what happens to Tolu?

The ebook will be launched on October 1st, 2020 while the paperback will be released by December 2020 in shaa Allaah.

Preorder the ebook at a giveaway price of ₦1000 only!

After the launch, it becomes ₦1500

How to buy:

Pay to Stanbic IBTC account > 0015640146 > Khadijah Folake Tijani.

Send evidence of payment to

Also available on Amazon as Kindle ebook and paperback here.

Thanks for your unflinching support!


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