When I was inducted into this profession, I was among the under-23 team. Plus a short stature and innocent facial expression, I had to spend more time convincing patients that I was a doctor. They’ll be like: “I don’t want a medical student, get me a real doctor”. Even with the name tag on my chest that looked like a billboard, screaming “DR. SANNI, MB;BS IBADAN”, some patients would still remain skeptical. Maybe with some kind words and a friendly smile, I could easily win the heart of some. But for others, (especially females)  I may have to call a hefty colleague to pretend as if he’s the consultant and reassure the patient. Lol!

The funniest part is whenever I wanted to examine the abdomen of a pregnant woman. Unlike other countries where hospital beds are electronically adjustable, we still use 18th century beds in 9ja hospitals (unfortunately). Then, “baby doctor” would be looking for àpótí, stool or anything within reach, to lift myself up to the level of the enlarged abdomen, lol! Mum but why? Where were you when other parents were paying the development levy???

Well, my plea to patients is that they should try and encourage these young doctors. The consultant you insist on seeing was once a baby too and the profession must be passed on to the next generation. Thanks for your cooperation. Wishing all patients a speedy recovery.

Laaba’sa tohuuran in shaa Allaah.


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