One day, my son came to whisper into my ear, “Ummee, Maryam is not sitting properly”.
I turned towards her and found her sitting with her legs widely opened although, she was wearing a pair of leggings. After I had told her to sit properly, I had a conversation with the boy too…

*I thanked him for telling me what he saw and not going to tell the girl directly as that would have been disrespectful and embarrassing.
Message passed – Respect every girl.

*I taught him to always lower his gaze and not to look again after the first accidental glance.
Message passed – Lower your gaze.

*I also commended him for being brave enough to report his sister, because he could have chosen to be silent so as to stay out of her trouble.
Message passed – Be man enough to protect the girls/women within your family and by extension, every other girl/woman out there.

I know some of these messages may be a little too deep for his age now. But the good thing is that he has an idea which will be reinforced as he grows up in shaa Allaah.

We can’t continue to teach girls how to sit, how to behave and how to dress without teaching the boys how to look away irrespective.

We can put an #EndToRape, one boy/girl at a time.

May Allaah assist us in raising good boys and better men. Aameen.



  1. Seun 28/06/2020 / 6:50 am

    It is well


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