Men also seek value in women. They want women who can bring something to the table. And I’m not talking about dropping money or paying bills (some of us are so stingy that we can’t even drop money for ourselves, lol). I’m not talking about being the breadwinner, or bread runner-up, if there’s any word like that.
Men want us to be their best friends, their gist-mates, their go-to person when they’re  distressed and their number 1 fan when they are winning.

Remember the day Jibreel (عليه السلام) appeared to the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ) with the revelation. His uncle was still alive, right? Abubakre( رضي الله عنه) was his best buddie wasn’t he? But who did he run to first? Khadeejah (رضي الله عنها). He knew the kind of woman he married. A woman with whom he could discuss his innermost feelings without being ridiculed. A woman to whom he could express his fears and get all the comfort and reassurance he needed. Khadeejah added a great value to his life, not just through her wealth, but through her wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

A successful marriage involves two people who are willing to add value to each other in unique ways.
If you seek a man like the Prophet, then be like Khadeejah.


One thought on “WIVES WITH VALUE…

  1. Owodunni Fatima 18/06/2020 / 6:07 pm

    Jazakh Allah khair, Darlyn Sis. More knowledge. More blessings. 

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