DOCTOR FULEEN: So, here you go… Here’s Folic acid – you’ll take 1 tablet daily, and this is ferrous – 1 tablet daily, vitamin C – 1 tablet three times daily, vitamin D, 1 capsule daily, and finally, Calcium, one tablet twice daily.

Don’t take calcium at the same time as iron, they both interact with each other thereby reducing the efficacy of iron.

UMM FULAAN: Ah! Doctor, I can’t swallow all these pills o. Is there no single pill that covers all these medicines?

DOCTOR FULEEN: Yes of course. There are pills that cover most of these vitamins. We have Pregnacare for example, which already contains 400 micrograms of folic acid, and that’s all you need. But it doesn’t have enough iron, vitamin D and calcium.

UMM FULAAN: Oh. So I still have to take up to 4 pills?

DOCTOR FULEEN: Not necessarily. I see here in your file that your PCV is 37% and your vitamin D level is optimal. So, yeah, Pregnacare alone is sufficient for now.

UMM FULAAN: Phew! That’s cool.

DOCTOR FULEEN: I also advise you to eat lots of fruits and green vegetables, and get enough sunlight for your vitamin D.

UMM FULAAN: OK Doc. I’ll do that. Thanks so much.




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