You read some posts on social media and your knowledge increases, while you read others and your IQ decreases drastically. A friend shared a story with me on WhatsApp some days ago and I have been racking my brain to unravel the mysterious story. I have concluded in my mind that it’s just a cock and bull story from someone who is trying to go viral by all means. It’s an extremely long post, so I won’t bore you with it, but I’ll try to summarize …

So, there was this maid who got pregnant and when her madam asked her who was responsible, she was totally clueless. She swore that she was still a virgin and the madam took her for a “virginity test” which came out positive, lol. Somehow, they carried out DNA tests and found out that the madam’s husband was the father of the child! After further investigations, the doctor discovered how the maid got pregnant…

The maid recalled that she was washing the oga’s boxers one day and she noticed a slimy material on her hands. At that very moment, she felt some itching down below and she instantly started scratching! According to the doctor, the slimy stuff was semen and it got stuck on her vulva whilst she was scratching. Apparently, some sperms must have swum up her vagina to reach her tubes and fertilised her egg, leading to that pregnancy!

The moral lesson the writer wanted to pass across from the story was that women should stop allowing maids to wash their husband’s undies, which I totally agree with. Makes a lot of sense. But hey! do you have to cook up this unintelligent story to back it up? Hell no!

There are many questions begging for answers in this story…

How could the maid scratch her vulva when she knew that her hands were soiled with some “slimy” fluid which could be oga’s semen? Was she not wearing any underwear at the time? Or, the itching was so bad that she didn’t dry her hands before scratching?

It is possible that pre-ejaculatory fluids containing viable sperms travel from the vulva to the upper genital tract. But the probability is extremely low. When semen gets out of the body and is exposed to air, it dries quickly and sperms can’t survive the dryness. Also, it is extremely unlikely that the boxers were thrown at the maid immediately after oga ejaculated! Some people simply don’t consider scientific evidence or commonsensical correctness before posting stuff out there. Phew!

Dear people, let’s be careful with what we believe and share on social media. And let’s stop cooking up stories that are potentially misleading, just because we want to drive home a point.

**Reminder to myself first**




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