Nothing is more depressing to me than the thought of travelling. It totally changes my perspective on life. It reminds me about the ephemerality of this world. I see every journey as a potential last journey; journey to the afterlife. I try to pay any debt I owe and apologise to anyone I’ve offended. I begin to write and update an imaginary will in my mind; though this is what I should have been doing daily…

Then there’s the task of packing my stuff; just enough stuff to avoid exceeding the baggage allowance. The best clothes and shoes, the most relevant documents, the most important personal care items and indispensable jewellery… I always want to travel light. There’s no point wasting money and energy to carry extra luggage. I ask myself, “can’t I get this easily at my destination?”.

This is exactly how the final journey will be. You can’t even pack ANYTHING. Your baggage allowance is zero kilogram. You go with absolutely nothing; not even your coffin, not even your shroud, not even your body… NOTHING! Only your soul is allowed to board. Everything you need will be waiting for you at your destination. Your deeds will have been converted into rewards. Your misdeeds will have been converted into punishments; except the ones you were forgiven. The funeral prayers will be sent to you as gifts. The prayers of your children and beneficiaries will be sent to you as bonuses.

We are all travellers on the surface of the earth. Let’s live every day, every hour, every minute, as if it’s the last. Let’s make reservations for the best abode before it’s too late. Let’s take advantage of every business opportunity that will be our source of continuous rewards (sodaqatul jaariyah) after we leave this world.

“Nay, you prefer the life of this world. Although the hereafter is better and everlasting”. (Quran chapter 87 verses 16-17)


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