There is one trick we used to play in med school. Whenever we are asked to mention 10 causes of (or risk factors for) XYZ disease, and we get stuck at number 9, there is always a sure escape route. Just say ALCOHOL. It can never be wrong!

I do not belong to the school of thought that would tell you to “drink no more than x glass(es) per week”. I’d say, DO NOT DRINK, AT ALL. If you’re already addicted, it’s OK, you can tapper it off gradually. Even the revelation that prohibited alcohol came down in a stepwise fashion. Talk to a physician ASAP!

“You only live once”. Fine. Assuming this was your only life, then your dying  deserves to be as enjoyable as your living.

Still not making sense? Here, check out some of the effects of alcoholism on your body (and your life):

*Rapid decline in cognitive function
*High risk of stroke
*Interference with drug action
*Poor immune system
*High risk of infections
*Cardiac disoders
*Cancer, cancer and more cancers!
*Liver cirrhosis
*Erectile  dysfunction
*Gout (crystal deposits in the joints, causing pain)
*Personality disorders
*Adverse effects on relationships
*Financial problems…

Phew! I think I’ve tried.


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