Dear Little One…

Dear little one,

In my belly you morphed
from an invisible cell
into a complete human.
From my bosom flows
the river of honeyed milk
that nourishes your body.
From my chest comes
the melody of soothing beats
that pleases your soul.
From my lips you hear
lullabies that bring you relief
on colicky nights.
On my face you find
a smile that is evergreen and true.
In my hands you feel
the warmth that melts your heart.
On my shoulders you rest
after you have filled your tummy
with nature’s super food.
In my presence you
glow and grow.
I strive for you to thrive and
cry for you to laugh.
I am your heroine
so strong and bold.
I am your saviouress
with a protective shield.
I am your superwoman
with a lengthy cape.
I am your mother – your gateway
to two beautiful worlds.