Plantain to the rescue!

Let’s talk about another important part of 9ja menu – PLANTAIN.

Nigerians enjoy eating it as a snack, side dish or even as a main meal. It comes in different forms and names – dodo, boli/bole, chips, etc. It has a very low fat content and it’s rich in fibre and minerals like potassium and iron.

The unripe version is much better than the ripe ones because the calorie content increases as it gets ripe. For healthier results, cook it with the skin on, avoid adding salt and oil, use low to medium heat and avoid burning.

Frying and boiling are the most popular methods of cooking in most homes while roasting is the method of choice on the streets. While frying makes plantain sweeter, it is the worst method of cooking it especially when the oil is overheated.

Plantain flour is an healthy staple which is used for making “swallow” and eaten with vegetable soups. It is good for blood sugar control and weight loss.

Other healthier methods of cooking include:

*Steaming (with the skin on)
*Grilling (smokeless)
*Baking (Oven roasting)

How do you prefer to eat your plantain?


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