Is Cold Water Bad For Breaking Your Fast?

Ramadan Mubaarak to all Muslims around the world!

Normally, I should be on a writing break for this month. But let me quickly drop this message here in case anyone needs to know.

Can you drink cold water on your empty stomach when you break your fast?

The short answer is yes, you can!

Generally, there’s nothing bad in drinking cold water at the time of breaking your fast.

Your body has been perfectly designed to adjust to changes in temperatures.

Cold water is even more refreshing on a hot evening after a long day of fasting.

However, there are some situations where drinking warm water or any other warm beverage is a better choice. For example:

1. If you’re living in a cold climate; a warm beverage is usually more soothing.

2. If you have a flu-like illness or sour throat; cold water may trigger a chesty cough.

3. If you have any medical condition that could be aggravated by cold temperatures; such as sickle cells disease and other blood dyscrasias.

Other than these rare exceptions, cold water is safe for consumption. Disregard any viral message that says otherwise!

I’m sure you’ve seen this viral WhatsApp message or something similar. Read it again for the last time. Done? Now, unread it!


1. He meant cold FIZZY drinks. These do not include plain water because water does not “contain gas”. He went ahead to give examples of those drinks you should avoid.

2. Technically, a healthy kidney does not “get dehydrated”. The kidneys can withstand fasting and conserve water for several hours without going into failure. Otherwise, all the people fasting in hot climates would have died of Chronic Kidney Disease!

3. Fresh fruit juice is not even ideal for breaking your fast, especially acidic fruits like orange, pineapple, etc. You can drink them later – after your main meal.

Verdict: This is a misleading message with just a little sprinkle of truth. Stop sharing garbage, please!


Drink enough water during the night, so that you can stay hydrated during the day. Cold or hot, warm or not, any temperature that works for you is just fine!

©Doctor KT



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