How do I even begin to thank you all for the massive support you gave me yesterday?!

8 busy doctors and 1 midwife left their Sunday afternoon relaxation time to dish out valuable information…

Dr. Olagunju delivered a wonderful presentation on maternal mortality in Nigeria and the way forward.

Dr. Tahera told us what Saudi Arabia is doing better for the health care of women.

Dr. Imam reminded us that mental health is an important part of maternal health.

Dr. Jolayemi told us why every woman must have this book. #WholesomeMotherhood

Dr. Afolabi said there was no boring moment reading the book.

Dr. Balogun-Rabiu explained to us how the book is the true definition of “Normal Pregnancy, Labour and Puerperium (NPLP)”

Mrs. Salami encouraged women to buy the book as it explains everything they need to know even before conception.

I didn’t want the webinar to be all about me or my book, but I wanted it to focus on improving maternal health through health literacy. I felt overwhelmed by the kind words you showered on me and the beautiful reviews of the book.

I was low-key happy when Dr. Adediran skipped my welcome address and I had nothing more to add when I was eventually called to speak.

Thank you all for honouring my invitation.

Thank you to my crew who worked behind the scenes – Barrister Abdulwaasi, Sis. Latifat Abifarin, Dr. Nafisah Adeyemo and Raabiah Oyetunji.

Thank you to my teachers and seniors.

Thank you to my family and friends.

Thanks to you, my followers, readers and supporters.

If you find the book beneficial, kindly recommend it to all the child-bearing women around you!

Did you miss the live webinar?

Watch it here

©Doctor KT


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