We shall walk through this Holy city again
We shall troop in from America and Spain
Different colours and races, all donning white Ihram
Ambulating around the Kaabah in Masjid AlHaram

We shall kiss the Blackstone, like a new bride
Praying at Maqaam Ibraheem with such pride
We shall ascend and descend from Safaa to Marwaa
Praising Allaah and drinking Zamzam water

We shall visit this house in the nights of Ramadhan
Bowing and prostrating from dusk to dawn
We shall gather here searching for Laylatul Qadr
Basking in tranquility and peace until fajr

We shall come here again in huge numbers
Worshipping Allaah, who neither sleeps nor slumbers
We shall enter this city by bus and by train
Seeking Allaah’s face, come shine and rain

We shall meet our brethren with smiles and hugs
Exchanging tasleem without the fear of bugs
We shall chant “Labbaik Allaahumma labbaik”
Sharing ajwa dates and chicken from Albaik

We shall reopen these gates in shaa Allaah
And restart the escalators maa shaa Allaah!
We shall enter this house as distinguished guests
Happily and safely, like the day of Makkah’s Conquest.



One thought on “WHEN THIS IS OVER…

  1. Simply Muslimah 12/04/2020 / 1:29 pm

    This is so beautiful, it makes my heart tremble! Barakallahu feek doc


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