I had just birthed my first child, and my mum decided to punish me for all the meat I stole in her pot when I was small. So, she barred me from drinking anything cold because, according to folklore, cold drinks during the puerperal period reduces breast milk production and the baby would get a cold because the milk is cold. I tried to convince her that these things are not true, she no gree. 

Can you imagine being denied a cone of ice-cream on a hot summer afternoon? Yeah, that was how she expected me to suffer for a whooping 40 days! Thank God she didn’t stay with me 24/7. Anytime she went back to her husband’s house, I would drink as much cold water as I could and pretend as if nothing happened.

On the 40th day, she organised a small party for me. To me, it was a bitter-sweet party. It marked the day I was finally free to treat the baby as I was thought in Paediatrics. I was able to go back to the fridge and consume anything cold – even the ice-cubes. But it also meant that I could no longer enjoy the midday nap while she takes care of the baby. Only then did I realise what it takes to become a mother… 

Thank you Grandma for all the love and support (and punishments!) 


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