It took me so long to write this post; but I have decided to summon the courage. As a doctor, I deal with a lot of crappy things, to the extent that I no longer give a crap about crap itself. But there are still one or two things that hit me at my weak point anytime. One of them is rape/sexual assault. This is one misfortune I’ll never wish for my worst enemy. 

I feel guilty because many of us have remained too silent for too long. We pretend as if it doesn’t happen. We shift the blame on the victims and shut them up, such that they recoil into the shell of shame and dejection. Culprits go unpunished. Cases are swept under the carpet. 

Women are the most affected – young or old, married or single, no one is safe. Unfortunately, modest dressing doesn’t seem to protect them 100%. I’ve seen modestly dressed ladies (even an hijabi) who have been sexually assaulted. I’ve heard about the oddest cases – old people in hospice homes, toddlers in daycare… Even men, yes, men have been raped – by women and homos! 

So let’s begin to talk the talk and walk the talk against sexual offences. Let’s protect and empower the young ones, especially the girls. Let’s teach the girls how to say NO and teach the boys how to respect girls and accept NO as NO. Let’s encourage the victims to seek help. Let them feel free to go to the hospital and get treated for STDs and protection against unwanted pregnancy. Let’s provide psycho-socio-emotional support for the victims. Let’s descend heavily on the offenders, to serve as deterrent for others. 

Let the conversation begin. Now!



  1. Mahmud Sufiyan 30/01/2017 / 9:45 pm

    Wow!I really love this write up.

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