Yoruba people would say: Olúhun ò dá ilé isó (God didn’t create a separate room for farting). But hey! Must you pollute the air that we all breathe in?

Now, let’s break it down. Why do some people fart so much and what’s the remedy?

*OVEREATING. The more you eat, the more you fart. It’s that simple. There are commensal bacteria in your gut that feast on undigested food. The major byproduct from these bacteria is gas. Solution: eat less/just enough.

*GASEOUS FOODS. Some foods are prone to producing more gas: eggs, beans, cabbage, potatoes etc. Solution: Modify your diet and substitute these foods for less gaseous ones. Or prepare such foods in different ways, eg, peel the beans.

*EATING TOO FAST. This is also related to overeating. When you swallow food too fast, without chewing until soft, digestion becomes more difficult and slower. Therefore, the bacteria would have extra work to do and then, extra gas is produced (usually more pungent, yuck!) Solution: eat slowly, chew before swallowing, drink in sips, avoid drinking with straw.

*OPENING THE MOUTH WHILE EATING. By default, we all swallow air. When you keep your mouth open, or talk too much while eating, you will swallow more air and then, fart more. Solution: close your mouth and minimize talking while you eat.

*UNHEALTHY DRINKS. This includes alcohol and carbonated drinks. What do you see when you open a bottle/can of Coke/malt/beer? Gas. Your body cannot assimilate gas. You either bring it back (by belching) or pass it down (by farting). Solution: minimize or stop drinking fizzy drinks. Quit alcohol.

*HYPERACIDITY. Flatulence can be a symptom of peptic ulcer disease. Solution: If you have been diagnosed of ulcer, get yourself treated once and for all. If you have an important interview or your future mother-in-law has finally agreed to meet you, respect yourself and get an over-the-counter antacid (like Gestid or Gascol).

*UNKNOWN CAUSE. If you don’t quite know what your problem is and all remedies don’t seem to work, then I can’t help you. Meanwhile, you can try some tricks and cheats; like using perfumes or wearing a fart-proof underwear!


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