Be like Mr. Zuckerberg. He gave his app a perfect name. People now look at his app more than they look at actual FACES and read posts more than they read actual BOOKS. Just like Usain’s forefathers. They probably had the vision that someday, one of their progeny will become faster than thunderBOLT. Lol!

What I don’t understand is how people name their own children these days. Few days ago, I heard a conversation between two pregnant women.

Woman A: “Have you chosen a name for your baby yet?

Woman B: Errm… I’ve not decided. I like “Maryam” but it’s too common. What about you?

Woman A: I’m thinking of “Anfal”. I want a name that starts with letter “A”, new and uncommon.

Woman B: Anfal? What does it mean?

Woman A: It’s the name of a chapter of the Quran…

In my mind, I was like “whaaat?!”. You don’t like the name of a noble woman because it’s too common? You choose a random name just because it starts with your favorite alphabet? You don’t know the meaning and history of the name and you don’t even care?

As a parent, one of your first duties is to give your child a good name; not just the one that sounds nice and modern, but a meaningful and honorable one. The Prophet (SAW) has given us enough guidelines and examples of how to name children with the best of names.

Ibn Umar, Abu Hurayrah, Anas and others (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said, “Indeed, the best and most beloved names to Allah are: Abdullah, and Abd-ur-Rahman. The most truthful names are: Al-Harith (cultivator) and Hammam (planner). The ugliest are: Harb (war) and Murrah (bitter).”

It’s better to consult with your Imaam or Ustadh who can assist to choose an appropriate name, because there are some names that sound good but are not appropriate according to the Sunnah. For more details, read here:-

May Allaah bless us with children that will be the coolness of our eyes. Aameen.


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