Few weeks ago, I had a lengthy conversation with a friend who maintained that character is a separate entity that must be considered first before religion when a man wants to choose a wife. I believe both must be considered hand-in-hand. He also mentioned that ability to cook is a major criterion that men look for in a “wife material”. I often avoid using that term “wife/husband material”, as I feel it has some elements of objectification in it. I mean, are we some kind of raw materials or what?

Ability to cook (and cook well) is, no doubt, a highly desirable attribute any woman can have. However, I doubt if any responsible adult (man or woman) exists, who does not have basic culinary skills. Writing off a lady because she cannot pound yam every other day would be quite silly to me. Some couples did the Romeo-and-Juliet kind of marriage without considering the duties and responsibilities that lie ahead. But as they grow and mature, these skills begin to fall into place.

Dear men, I am not standing anywhere on this matter. I prefer to sit on the fence because, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. If your wife or fiancée doesn’t cook well, assist her in the kitchen as much as you can. I used to make horrible ewedu until I got it right through my husband’s assistance. Buy her gadgets and utensils that will help her cook smarter. Anybody can cook except the extremely lazy ones.

Don’t worry dear ladies, if you don’t know how to cook other than eba and egusi, you’re not alone. You can do this. Just get a cook book. Internet is not expensive these days; there are lots of cooking guides on YouTube and thousands of recipes you can download for free. Don’t be shy to ask for help too (family and friends). Please note that cooking is not only about getting to your man’s heart through his stomach. You will be saving a lot of money and avoiding a lot of unwanted calories when you cook for yourself and your children too.


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