1. MY QURAN. The one I read ONLY during Ramadan because it’s conveniently divided into 30 parts (juz’s)

2. DATES. The no. 1 sunnatically recommended item for breaking the fast.

3. BREAKFAST CEREALS. For those days I will wake up at quarter-to-fajr.

4. MISWAK. It’s loved by Allaah and cleansing to the mouth. (Al-Hadith)

5. BOTTLED WATER. For bedside sipping to compensate for the day’s deficit.

6. PEANUTS. For post-taraweeh snacking…

7. ANTACIDS. In case my gastric ulcer comes knocking…

8. FLAGYL AND ORS. Fasting+diarrhoea… Not good!

9. BISCUITS. The addiction is real… But I’m working on it; just some crackers and hobnobs. Lol!

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