My best friend

It’s your turn, Nafeesah Alabi-Adeyemo.

Having a true friend is a rare privilege. Some friends are more than just friends. They are sisters. Blood is thicker than water, they say. I agree. But a non-blood can be much thicker than blood sometimes. Destiny brought us together in high school: MSS meetings, COSSMUS, IVCs… We became inseparable. We became best of friends. We later discovered that we were born and bred in the same neighbourhood!

I remember us chatting and laughing all the way from Ojurin to Ashi. Sometimes we trekked to and from Usrah at Sango, exploring as many shortcuts as we could. Sometimes we took a taxi, or bus, arguing about who should lap who, and who should pay the transport fare.

Suddenly, we became like mirror images. You would do “shuku with cuff” without knowing that I’ve done same. You would buy the exact colour and brand of sandals that I have bought. You would try to break a silence at the same moment I was trying to say something, and you would say exactly what I had in mind!

I remember the day my dad passed away. You cried more than the bereaved. You assured me that everything would be fine. Then I realised how much you loved me, and that increased my love for you. You have an excellent personality. You have a very strong heart. You are beautiful inside and out.

At a point, the love became really obsessive. You almost had a baby in Ramadan just because I had a baby in Ramadan. You named your son Ibrahim just because I named mine Ibrahim. Ahaan! Kiilode?!

I love you for the sake of Allaah.
My dear sister from another mother.


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