My best roommate.

I haven’t shared a room with anyone for such a long time (except my husband) as I did with you. Khadijah Adebisi Shittu nee Ahmed. You were supposed to be on the 2nd floor of H block, but you came down to my room on the ground floor. We searched for accommodation together, when we were thrown out of Queen’s Hall in 200 level. We squatted here and there. I almost lost you to Azeezah(ZZ no vex oo). Then we returned to Queen’s Hall in 300 level. Finally, we settled down in C27, Alexander Brown Hall for the next 3 and a half years.

We laughed together. We cried together. We had fun (no homo!). We fought and we reconciled. We said and did silly things that we now know, we shouldn’t have. We taught each other how to coexist, despite personal differences.

Talking about differences… Yes, we bear the same name, Khadijah. Yes, we profess the same faith. Yes, we had the same goal. But we were different.

I wanted to eat biscuits and viju everyday; but you wanted us to contribute money and make ponmo stew. I wanted to pass my leisure on my bunk, in total silence; but you wanted to listen to Barry wonder(hope you’ve changed now?!). I wanted to sleep from 9pm to 5am; but you wanted us to read together TDB. I wanted the light and fan switched off at night; but you wanted them always on.

Little did we know that, we were in a school within another school; learning. Gathering experience that will shape us into who we are to become.
Alhamdulillaah I met you.
Alhamdulillaah I passed through you, and you, through me.
Thanks for all the encouragement.
Thanks for all the putting up.
Thanks for everything.
May we live long in this friendship.
May we continue our friendship in Aljannat Firdaus.

PS: to all my friends, please don’t feel jealous o! I’ll arrange something for you too someday…


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