Since we already know that rape is a multifactorial problem, we will agree that the struggle against it must be multifaceted and holistic. We can approach it from different angles, but what is most important is to achieve the common goal of curbing the menace.

Most rapists are beasts who usually come prepared to devour their unsuspecting and vulnerable victims. It takes the Grace of Allaah to escape from the filthy hands of a determined rapist. But even in worst case scenarios, one can still attempt to fight the beast through some self-defense strategies. This is essential for everyone – male, female, young and old.

A lady once narrated to me how she escaped from a potential sexual predator. She’s a muslim woman who dons the full hijab and she was working as a nanny for babies whose mothers were doctors. That fateful day, she was going back home after she finished her job for the day, accompanied by her 2 year old daughter. It had been quite a long time she waited outside searching for a suitable taxi, but all the drivers didn’t want to go towards her area. So, she decided to go with one particular driver who was going through a longer route. He told her that he would take her to the bus station from where she could take a bus to her area.

While on the road, she noticed that the driver was calling different people but she didn’t understand his language. Then, she noticed that the driver was going through unfamiliar route which was rather suspicious and creepy. She asked the driver where he was going, and he told her that he was trying to avoid the traffic. Unfortunately, she her phone was dead, so she was unable to call for help.

Soon, she became really terrified. At that point, she looked around and everywhere was getting more quiet and dark. Then, she knew she had to do something drastic. She started shouting at the driver. Stop! Stop! But he didn’t stop. She started hitting the driver with her handbag, but the man kept driving whilst threatening to kill her.

She then decided to jump out of the moving vehicle into the nearby bush. First, she threw out her handbag, followed by her daughter and then she managed to jump into the bush. Thankfully, the driver drove away and never turned back. Both the woman and her daughter sustained minor injuries but AlhamduliLlaah, they were fine. After walking some distance, she was able to find another driver who drove her to her house. It was this cab driver who told her that she was lucky because she could have been abducted and taken to a place near that area, where a lot of women have been gang-raped in the past.

It is a known fact that women and children are the major victims of rape. So, we must try to empower them with the knowledge and skills that will help them to stay safe at all times and defend themselves as much as possible.