We’ve heard about the virus in town
Threatening to shut the whole world down
From Wuhan to Makkah and Rome
People are grounded, working from home

What kind of deadly virus is this?
Causing a SARS-like respiratory disease
They call it ‘Covid-19’
Locking people down in quarantine

It spreads so fast like wildfire
Death toll rising by the hour
Hundreds of patients in ICU
Thousands in isolation centres too

Kudos to the healthcare workers
Doctors, nurses and even porters
They are the heroes at the frontline
Who selflessly put their lives on the line

The virus is here; we can’t deny it
It’s a real challenge; we have to accept it
It’s not 5G, or some silly conspiracy
It truly exists; tiny crystals too small to see

Stay at home, wash your hands
Neither touch your face nor shake hands
Use sanitizers; gel or spray
Clean all surfaces as you work and play

Relax and breathe, don’t create fear
Limit the amount of news that you hear
Eat healthy foods and do exercise
Maintain physical distance even as you socialise

We pray a vaccine soon comes through
An effective drug to be found too
May the sick be granted quick recovery
May the world be granted total victory