Healthy Eating is Hard?

Healthy eating is not only for diabetics who are trying to control their blood sugar, or the obese who are trying to lose weight. It is for everyone – young or old, fit or sick. The main reason why most people find it hard is to eat healthy is that healthy eating almost always goes hand-in-hand with healthy cooking.

If you find a modest restaurant where healthy foods are served, you are almost sure that their bills will be cut-throat expensive.

When you cook by yourself, you save money and you also control the kind of ingredients and condiments you add to your food. You can also get creative with different recipes.

Good things always come at a price. Healthy eating is a whole lot of hard work but then, with determination and consistency, it becomes much easier.

Here are some tips to help you stay focused…

1. Plan your meals: If you plan your meals, weekly or monthly, you are more likely to consider healthier options unlike when you leave it to impulse. When you make your grocery list, be intentional. Consider your budget and time factor. Keep it simple. Don’t make a big plan that you won’t be able to sustain.

2. Get a cook book: Cook books give you inspiration for healthy cooking. Get a book that is written by a local author, so that you can stick with ingredients that are easily available around you.

3. Use the internet: From relevant social media handles to health blogs and apps, you can learn so much about healthy cooking and eating, even from your smartphone. There are loads of free platforms as well as paid subscriptions for anyone who really wants to learn.

4. Work with a dietitian: Dietitians are underrated members of the health team. Their job is not just to teach you what to eat, they also teach you how to cook. You might think that you’re eating healthy foods, but in reality, you may have ruined it with the way you cook. A dietitian will guide you on this and much more.

5. Invest in a small farm at home: If you have a little bit of extra space in your home, try to plant some food crops, especially fruits and vegetables. This will encourage you to eat fresh and wholesome foods regularly. Instead of ordering a box of doughnuts, you can just go to the backyard, cut a bunch of bananas and munch away!

6. Associate with like minds: Join a healthy lifestyle club or create one. Motivate one another to stay on track. Raise your children to fall in love with healthy foods instead of junks. It’s easier when the entire family eats the same meal, unlike when one person is cooking separately.

7. Avoid impulsive eating: Get busy with productive activities. Be physically active. These will help you stay away from eating just to fill a boring vacuum. If you must snack on something, let it be a healthy snack. Don’t just eat because there’s food, eat when you’re hungry.

Do you have more tips to add? Comment below…

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