Who is a strong woman and how do we define “strength” in a society where women are prejudicially regarded as the “weaker sex”?


I believe that every well-bred woman is potentially strong. Her femininity alone is strength in itself; the kind of strength that can crush a thousand men without the use of arms. This doesn’t change the fact that she is physically and emotionally more vulnerable. She is easily weakened by little things that wouldn’t shake a man.

A strong woman is unique but she’s not perfect. She is just an ordinary human like you and I, but she has a combination of strengths in the right proportions – intellectual strength coupled with modesty; financial strength plus emotional stability, exemplary character, piety and honesty… She doesn’t have it all, but she has a bit of everything. A strong woman is not independent. She can’t be; no one is, because ours is a world of interdependence.

A strong woman needs a man. She needs at least one man who celebrates her strength and inspires her when her spirit is dampened. She needs a father, or father figure, who remains her source of strength, even after his death. She needs a brother who stands by her through summer and fall. She needs a husband, who crowns her strength with a touch of royalty. She might not have them all, she just needs that one man who means the whole world to her.

A strong woman needs other women as moral supporters and cheerleaders. She needs a society that applauds her successes and forgives her failures. She needs a friend, who allays her fears and conceals her weaknesses.

A strong woman needs humility. She needs to know that she isn’t in a competition with men, or other women. She needs to constantly use her strength to help others, especially women and youths. She needs to focus her energy on becoming a better person, and contributing meaningfully to make the world a better place.

Above all, a strong woman needs God. She needs to understand that He is the ultimate source of strength and success. She needs to purify her intention from time to time. She needs to be a prayer warrior. She needs to know that she isn’t above the divine injunctions, and she isn’t immune from the consequences of sins and disobedience.