Home visits from a doctor’s perspective

While it’s more conventional to have patients going to the hospital to meet doctors, home visits by doctors and other health professionals have so many benefits.

Visiting my patients at home helps me to relate with my patients and their families on a more personal level. It breaks the barriers that exist between us and them, while promoting a patient-centered approach to medical care.

They see me as a member of their family, rather than a “god”, siting on a throne and giving out medical instructions.

Also, it helps me to understand my clients’ medical condition and the sociocultural and behavioural issues that may affect their well-being.

For example, I walk into the home of a diabetic patient and see bottles of alcohol lying around. I ask them if they’ve been consuming alcohol and they admit it. This will explain why their blood sugar has been uncontrolled despite my efforts. I will counsel them on the need to cut it down and it will only be a matter of time before we start seeing results…

Home care comes in handy when managing elderly patients, especially those with terminal illnesses. Some patients prefer to stay at home and receive palliative care while surrounded by their loved ones. Home visits are important aspects of palliative care. Apart from making sure that they die peacefully, we also have a social responsibility to check on their caregivers at home to see if everyone is coping well.

In countries where ambulatory care is much more organized, a lot of clients easily opt for home care. But this is also workable in developing countries despite the low doctor to patient ratios and concerns about cost and security.

So, there you have it!

Would you like to choose home service for your next doctor’s appointment? Drop your comment below.

© Doctor KT


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