1. DIY – Do it yourself! Most people prefer to buy from the roadside Mai suya because it’s more convenient. Besides, you can meet other suya lovers and discuss hot topics while you wait for your suya to be done. Whereas, when you do it yourself, you can be sure of a hygienic preparation and you can control the things you add to it. You can also use a smokeless grill, and avoid inhaling carcinogenic gases.

2. Remove the fat – Here is another advantage of doing it yourself. When preparing your own suya at home, make sure you remove the excess fat on the meat. Red meat contains loads of unhealthy fat which increases your risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus and cancer of the colon.

3. Use natural spices – Most street food vendors cannot do without MSG. They may use natural spices too, but you can’t be sure whether they have added some glutamate seasonings to enhance the taste. Don’t worry about the taste. Worry about your health.

4. Eat in moderation – Suya is a delicious street snack which many Nigerians enjoy eating. The sweetness could let you forget the number of pieces you have eaten. I’m not here to demonize your national snack but please, moderation is key! Adults should eat no more than 90 grams of meat daily. This is equivalent to the size of about one and a half thin slices of bread.

5. Add more vegetables – Meat is a good source of energy, protein, iron and other nutrients. But it is not enough to just eat the suya and discard the onion rings, tomatoes and cucumber slices. You get more nutritional value from your plate of suya by actually eating the vegetables, too!



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