Breast Cancer Awareness

Dear ladies,

Check your breasts every month, especially after your menses. Go for regular screening (with mammogram or ultrasound) if you have any of the following risk factors:

*First degree relatives (mother or sister) who have been diagnosed of breast cancer
*First degree relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer of the ovary, endometrium or colon
*Male relatives with breast or colon cancer
*Previous history of breast cancer in one breast
*Long-term use of contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy
*Early menarche or late menopause
*Advanced age before first pregnancy (above 35)
*Nulliparity (never been pregnant)

Contact your doctor immediately you notice any of the following:

*Breast lumps
*Skin changes – colour change, dimples, puckering, swelling, orange-peel appearance
*Nipple discharge – milky (without nursing), greenish, purulent, bloody)
*Nipple changes – inversion, swelling, discharge
*Lumps in the armpit





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