Breastfeeding 101 – Are you savvy?

6 years of medical school and 3 months of internship in paediatrics did not prepare me for the real life of a new mom.

When I had my first baby, I thought I knew it all. I was confident and happy with the great job I was doing. Everything was fine until one night when I was breastfeeding her and she suddenly started vomiting. She vomited a very large amount of gastric content to the extent that she became very weak and floppy. I was scared to the marrows. Where is all this vomit coming from? I had never seen even an adult vomit like that before.

After the vomiting had stopped, I resuscitated her with ORS and she was fine.
Then I found out that she had been overfeeding and I wasn’t paying attention.

The thing about breastfeeding is that, you really can’t quantify how much milk your baby is taking and some babies are so much in love with breast milk that they continue to suckle nonstop, even when they’re filled! It is important that you study your baby and understand his/her hunger and satiety cues.

What are hunger cues?

What are satiety cues?

How can you avoid overfeeding your baby?

Find out the details in my upcoming book…

Watch out!


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