Dear husbands…

Men need to understand that, while they are physical beings, women are mostly emotional. You are more concerned about tangible things that you can SEE and TOUCH. We are more interested in what we HEAR and FEEL. We can tolerate days of hunger and endure weeks of sexual fasting. But we cannot cope with emotional deficiency. We want affection and attention. We want you to express your love for us clearly and tell us how much you appreciate us consistently.

When we love, we love with all our heart. We give our all to our relationships. We don’t expect you to give us back the same loyalty because we know you weren’t wired that way. All we ask for is to be appreciated for our loyalty and sacrifices. Not to be labelled as jealous, crazy, obsessive, possessive or controlling. We want you to accept our love as a gift, not as a piece of garbage. We want you to be there when we need a shoulder to cry on, not to be dismissed because our feelings make no sense to you.

We want to be submissive to you while retaining our other dreams and aspirations. We want to be amazing mothers and still be able to do other things that make us happy. We want to live life normally without transgressing Allaah’s boundaries. We want to be wives and mothers with sane minds, because without that, we will not be able to function well in these two roles.



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