Out of every 10 marital stories I read online each day, about 7 or 8 are sad stories. News of wife battery and husband stabbings travel faster because social media and blogs are all about going viral. The more viral your news goes, the more traffic you draw, and the more money you earn. Only the viral stories trend, and only the trending stories go viral. How many people want to share the boring story of a happily married couple who have been together for donkey years? Duh!

The result of this is that unmarried people begin to think of marriage as a scam. They become too scared and paranoid, sometimes avoiding conversations that have to do with love and marriage.

Love stories exist, but they are underrated. Happy marriages are everywhere, but they don’t sell fast.
Ask yourself, yes you, what is your first reaction when you read about a lovely couple online?

‘They are showing off’

‘They are faking it’

‘This is not realistic’

‘They shouldn’t be sharing their story online. Aren’t they afraid of the evil eye?’

How do you get information about business, careers, entrepreneurship, and technology on the internet if people didn’t put it out there? How would you know the secrets of successful marriages if they don’t share parts of their lives with us? If the story looks scripted, then borrow the script and make a realistic play out of it. Stop overthinking the dark part of their story they didn’t share, but think about the part they have shared and imbibe the lessons therein.

If the internet stories are hard for you to believe, or the ones in the tabloids look more like paparazzi, go into the real world and see for yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who have positive attitudes towards marriage. Talk to couples from older generations. Ask them how they made it so far. But remember that no one has a perfect marriage – happy couples don’t worry about perfection, they worry about happiness. There is no single size that fits everyone or every marriage. You will have to work on your own marriage with your own effort.




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