So, there’s a trending talk among geeky moms about the new technology introduced by Procter and Gamble, the makers of Pampers diapers. They have recently created an electronic device which is attached to the diaper and linked to an app on your smartphone for monitoring the diaper and notifying you when it is dirty! It’s called Lumi by Pampers. It also comes with a monitor that tracks baby’s sleep pattern, feeding routines, among other things.

My first reaction when I saw the news was “Radiation near my baby’s genitals? No thanks!” I’d like to know if they have considered the amount of radiation that would be reaching the baby as a result of the Wi-Fi connection required to make the system work, given that the “electronic sensor” is placed just in front of the testicles (literally).

I’m also wowed at the price of the package (electronic sensor, video monitor and 10 diapers) which is around $350. With my eyes as the camera and my nose as the sensor, I can get 10 mega economy packs of the same diapers with that price!

My guess is that, the sensor will start to bleep at the first wee-wee. Who needs a notification when I can use my brain and my bank balance to determine when to change already expensive diapers?! I’d rather wait until the diaper is about to burst before I change it, lol!

Don’t get me wrong, this is an impression innovation and I understand that some moms would gladly buy this product. First time moms who want the latest and best products for their precious babies would be their most likely customers. But then, these are the ones who will go on YouTube after a few months to make a video titled “10 products I wished I never bought for my baby”.

They claimed to have developed the device in conjunction with paediatricians. What else do you expect them to say? Marketing strategy, uh?

If you are able to buy the product, please dm me for your honest review. Really, I’ll like to know what this “Pampers for lazy moms” has to offer.



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