At a particular sisters-only programme I attended some years ago, someone asked if it was permissible to use certain chemical products to boost hair growth. After the lecturer explained that it is better to avoid strong chemicals and opt for natural products, she also advised the questioner to pray about it. 

I thought it was rather silly to pray for long hair. Like, how will you even say the prayer? “oh Allaah! let my hair grow longer”? I didn’t understand her, so I raised my hand and asked the lecturer again. “Excuse me! Did you just say that we can actually pray for long hair”. She answered in the affirmative. 

I’m not a prayer warrior, but I’ve learnt how to ask Allaah from His infinite bounties. When a fervent prayer meets sincere efforts, wonders happen. Never underestimate what Allaah (‘Azza wajalla) can do. As long as that thing is not explicitly forbidden, ask Him and He shall answer. How and when He answers might be a little different from what you expected. But His divine plan is always better for you, if you believe. 

“And your Lord said: “Invoke Me, I will respond to you…” (Qur’an chapter 40 verse 60) 

Have a splendid week! 


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