Divorce doesn’t just happen overnight. It is often a product of several days (or years) of unresolved pains. It involves a long distressing procedure, and lots of courageous sacrifices. A righteous woman (and man too) would do anything to keep her marriage as solid as a rock.

I am more passionate about the woman because, obviously, she is the one who bears the brunt. She would have had 999 reasons to call it quit, but she would wait patiently, looking for that 1 more reason to leave. But our society has conditioned us to see every divorcee as an evil whore from hell. Most of the time, same cannot be said of the man, as he can easily recover and remarry. We make it very difficult for these women to move on, even if they wanted to.
A woman who is coming out of an abusive relationship needs nothing except a warm embrace from all of us. She should never be made to feel like crap; as though she was the one who wrote her own fate. We should remember that domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence alone. Verbal abuse, as well as overt and covert emotional cheating, can be more damaging than you can see. 
Even if she admits that she was guilty, we should respect her remorse as much as we respect her initial decision.


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