You want to be happy like Lagbaja.
You want to be successful like Lamorin.
But do you know Lagbaja’s history?
Have you heard Lamorin’s story?
How he searched for knowledge
from the East to the West?
How he travelled through the world
to gain wisdom and wit?
How he was determined to win
and never wanted to quit?
How he trekked a thousand miles
to seek help from uncles and aunts?
How he toiled for extra hours
to pay his bills and fees?
How he was submerged in the ocean of his tears,
and shaken by awful nightmares?
How he stood firm, with faith and hope?
How he proved to skeptics that he could cope?

Dear friend,

Happiness is not free and success is not cheap.
It is what you sow, that you will reap.


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