With the way I’ve been siding with women in my writings these days, people would think I’m a feminist. Well, I’m not. But as a woman, who grew up in a 75% female household, don’t blame me for my bias.

Seriously, I feel women need to respect men and acknowledge that we can’t exist without them (and vice versa). That was how I woke up one Sunday morning and I said, let me quickly go and buy fuel at NNPC before people come back from church. Lo and behold, one of the tyres had become flat! Habeebee was not around, all the neighbours had gone to church, even the muslims among the “vulcanizers” were still sleeping at home…

So, I was like, what is there gan sef? Can’t I replace the tyre by myself? Is it not just to jack up the car, remove bolts, remove flat tyre and replace with the spare? Go on sohun joor! I opened the boot, brought out the tools and the spare tyre (which was so heavy but I managed, lol!). Jacking up the car was seamless, but when I started removing the bolts, which was apparently over-tightened, I had to stop the shakara and call for help!!!

As I opened the gate to check if there would be any passer-by or neighbour around, I ran into this teenage boy (I was probably in SS2 when he was born). I asked him if he knew how to change tyres, and he said yes. Within a few minutes, the small boy finished the job! In short, it was through the sabab of the boy that I was able to buy fuel at normal price that day o!

That’s why I simply laugh when some women say “to hell with men”. You should note that “men” does not necessarily translate to husband alone. It could mean father, brother, son, male classmate, colleague or just the boy next door. We need men as much as they need us. If you ask me to complete the statement up there, I’d say: what men can do, women can do better, with the support of men.

“…and a man is not like a woman…” (Quran chapter 3 verse 36)


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