Ok, let me start by apologising for using that derogatory word up there. But let’s face it; some of us are not-so-cute. Forget “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Na lie! If you’re fine, you’re fine. If you’re not fine, you’re not fine. Leave story!

When we talk about bodily beauty, remember that it extends beyond the facial features alone. A woman, for example, who has broad chests, hirsutism, bow- or K-leg, can be regarded as not-cute (because I don’t want to use the derogatory word more than once in this write up, lol!). Also, a man can be tall and muscular, but if his eyeballs are bulging too much like one actor whose name will not be mentioned here; or he has a lepromatous nose; everyone would agree that he’s not handsome.

Now, my question is this: if we all continue to measure up people’s physical appearance and make a long list of features we want in our prospective spouses, who will marry the other ones? Next thing, brothers will bring out the ãyah and hadith that say they should marry good looking women. We all know the qualities to look out for before marriage, but we also know the most important of them: PIETY. And please, stop acting like you have done your in-laws a favour by marrying their child despite his/her “wowoness”.

So, before you complain that you can’t find husband or wife, ask yourself how many people you’ve written off just because of their looks. For your information, some were not born that way; in case you want to bring genetics and say that you don’t want to have a chimpanzee baby. That cucumber head may be due to trauma during delivery or infancy. That squinting eye may be a symptom of a treatable disease. That bow-leg may be due to lack of exposure to sunlight. If he doesn’t have six-pack now, tell him to start lifting weight and use that as part of your mahr…

Once again, forgive me for being so rude today. Ok, bye!


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