A girl should… (Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, “A woman should have”)

A girl should…

(Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, “A woman should have”)

A girl should have a supermom
Whose patience can soften a diamond ring
Who teaches her how to be graceful and shy
Yet, self-confident and bright

A girl should have an awesome dad
Who knows how to balance work and life
Who loves her the way he loves his mother
Who decorates her room with toys
and her face with kisses

A girl should have a funny grandma
Who prays to have a longer life
So she could see her children too
Who tells her stories at bedtimes
and spoils her endless gifts

A girl should have time to play a lot
In the park and on the beach
She should have a doll and a skipping rope
She should learn how to play video games
She should learn basic self-defense skills, too

She should have boys among her playmates
But not without adult supervision
She should know how to differentiate
between a cool uncle and a cunning paedophile

A girl should be empowered with education and strong faith
She should learn to pray, not only when she’s sad
She should be told often that she’s pretty
Even with a simple dress and no lipstick

She should be prepared for the changes soon to come
In her mind and in her form
She should not be left alone
To figure it out or ask her friends
She should be supported through the transition
From a princess to a queen.

By: Khadijah Tijani

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