I’ll be glad if the ban on taking selfies inside the haramain is enforced. People have really gone overboard in the name of taking pictures and recording videos during hajj/umrah.

You’d see people pulling out their smartphones as soon as they set their feet in the haram. Only Allaah knows if they even remember to say the du’aa for entering the masjid!

It seems that some people go there just for facetiming, Skypeing, Imoing or what have you. Some would even laugh and crack jokes causing unnecessary distractions to other worshippers, or obstructions, which may lead to accidents…

I’ve also been guilty of taking pictures in the past, but I did it in quiet, non-crowded areas making sure I didn’t expose anyone’s face (especially women).

Now, people can truly immerse themselves in the worship and use their hearts to capture the awesome sights, instead of fiddling with their smartphones during tawaf and sa’y!




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