Doctor Fulaynah – Next patient please…!

Umm Fulaanah – Salaam alaykum doc. This girl is pregnant ooo! Help me ask her who is responsible…

Doctor – Umm Fulaanah take it easy. Fulaanah ngbo, is it true?

Fulaanah – Wallaahi I’m not pregnant. Ummu has warned me never to go near any boy or man since I started my first menses. She said I would get pregnant if I do that. Wallaahi, nobody has touched me…

Umm Fulaanah – Gbenu soun!! So why have you not had your menses for 3 months now? Ehn? Are you Mary the virgin?

Doctor – Calm down, Umm Fulaanah. Let me understand what’s going on here. Fulaanah, how old are you?

Fulaanah – I’m 14 years old ma.

Doctor – And at what age did you start having your menses?

Fulaanah – 1 year ago ma.

Umm Fulaanah – Look doctor, I don’t have time for stories, just let her tell us who owns the pregnancy first.

Doctor – Wait Ummu, let’s take it one step at a time

Umm Fulaanah – Oda mo ti gbo.

Fulaanah – I swear doctor, I’m not pregnant.

Doctor – Ummu, she said she is not sexually active, so let’s trust her. Although, we will still do a pregnancy test for her just to be sure. But first, I want you to know that she may be having anovulatory cycles…

Umm Fulaanah – Anovalatoring…. what does that even mean?

Doctor – It simply means that, she is not menstruating now because she is not ovulating. And this is quite common among girls within her age group. The absence of menses may also be due to weight changes and stress…

Umm Fulaanah – Wait, what are you even saying? She has already reached puberty and she started menstruating every month until 3 months ago when it ceased

Doctor – I know Ummu. But her menstrual cycles may still fluctuate in the first 1 or 2 years. This is because her system is still immature and may not release enough hormones to result in ovulation and regular menstruation. After this stage, it will become more regular and stable.

Umm Fulaanah – I’m not understanding all this big grammar jor. Let’s do a pregnancy test and check first.

Doctor – Okay, let’s do that… (5 minute later)… Ummu, as you can see on this strip, it is negative. Fulaanah is not pregnant.

Umm Fulaanah – Eh ehn? (Scratches head). So, you mean she is only having anevolution or what did you say?

Doctor – Anovulatory cycles ma. Let’s wait for a couple of months and see. In the absence of other symptoms, her menses should stabilise within 1 year. Otherwise, you will need to see a gynecologist. And please, apologise to Fulaanah for the false accusations. I’ll also give her some booklets to read more about menstrual cycles and related topics.

Umm Fulaanah – Phew! Doctor thank you so much. I was so scared, I didn’t know it was normal. My dear daughter, I’m so sorry for scolding you. Please forgive me…

Fulaanah – No problem maami. You know I’m always a good girl.




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