0-6 months: Starts crying when you’re about to get down… “Cluster-feeds” until you lose hope and everyone falls asleep.

6-12 months: Crawls in between you, and forces you into awkward postures.

1 – 3 years: Comes at odd times to ask for water or juice. If you ignore, you’ll deal with tantrums for the rest of the week

4 – 6 years: My advice – Move to a bigger apartment/house, make do with the bathroom or dump them with grandma on Saturdays.

7-10 years: Make sure the door is locked and the room is echo—free. They have very sharp senses at this age.

10 – 15: They definitely know that something is going on. They have reached puberty and their imagination is wild. They may even want to experiment things… Get ready for serious sex education classes at this stage.

16- 20: Go ahead and have fun, they don’t care. But once you tell them you’re pregnant again – they’ll be mad at you, because their friends may make jest of them.

Above 20/married: You have all the time and space in the world…. Enjoy!

May Allaah bless our marriages and grant us longevity. Aameen.




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