Last year, I posted a write-up – “9 bad habits you can drop in Ramadan”. I think the list was incomplete. I  need to add one more thing – Music. Majority of the people will argue that music isn’t bad; that it is, in fact, a healing balm. I’m not going into that line of argument because there are overwhelming authentic evidence to show that music is a form of idle talk and musical instruments are tools of shaytan. (See Qur’an chapter 31 verse 6 and its exegesis by Ibn Katheer, Qurtubi, Tobraani and others) 

I had plenty of music in my head from childhood, but when I got to secondary school, it became much more. By JSS2, I could chant hundreds of musical lyrics from my memory. I bought the book of lyrics (with my meagre pocket money). I bought audio and video cassettes. I crammed every hit album as they drop. Yeah, I was that girl…

AlhamduliLlaah for Islaam. A brain that has memorized the Qur’an has no business enjoying music anymore. Music stinks when the Qur’an is being recited. The Qur’an lifts your soul in a way music can never come close to… 

The feelgood effect of music is indisputable. But is that our purpose in life? To come and feel good and die? No. We are here to worship Allaah and Allaah alone. Feeling good is not a sin, but the “feelgood experience” that doesn’t take you closer to Allaah; that even makes you disobedient to Him; is that one a feelgood?!  

How do we avoid music in a world that is full of it? Well, that’s where your intention comes it. Try your best and leave the part you have no control over. When the neighbours loud their music, loud your Qur’an. When the bus driver starts the music, put on your earpiece and listen to the Qur’an from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

Dear brethren, promise yourself to discard what is left of music in your life today. Start this Ramadan and don’t look back. It may be difficult, but it’s doable.


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