A whole lot of men don’t know how to identify a good woman. They’re busy looking for Ms. Perfect, while they are nowhere close to being Mr. Right themselves. They expect her to be level-headed, drop-dead gorgeous, good in the kitchen, great in bed and yet, never grow old!

Perfect women are not in this world. They are in Paradise. But good women do exist. They’re everywhere; you just need to look closer. The caveat is that, some are ready-made while the majority are raw. The raw one requires some refining with lots of patience. Give her some time, and that’s it!

A good woman requires consistent maintenance and a handsome sustenance, to remain as good as new. In fact, she can be better; she can be excellent (not perfect). All she needs is your support.

A good woman is not a flawless woman. She will mess up sometimes. She will add too little or too much salt in your food. She will have mood swings and throw tantrums. She will get angry and speak harshly. She will complain about flimsy things. She will get jealous. She will get tired and sick. She will cry and you won’t know why…

A good woman is not an angel. She is human. She has blood flowing in her veins. She has natural instincts. She has needs. She has cravings. She is a creature; accountable to the Creator. She has a life to live with or without you. This, you must understand. This, you must accept.

A good woman is a righteous wife as described by the Prophet (saw)… “This world is all temporary convenience, and the greatest joy in this life is a righteous wife”. (Saheeh Muslim, 1468). A righteous woman believes in Allaah and His Messenger, obeys His do’s and eschews His don’ts. She might not be sinless, but she always hastens to repent. She might not be an Haafidho, but she always reads her Qur’an. She might not fast on every 13th-15th, but she is very generous…

If you find a good woman, hold her real tight. Don’t let her slip away. Guide her wisely and correct her gently. Let her grow. Let her feel comfortable. Let her feel loved. In short, be to her, a good man.


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