Fast backwards to 10 years ago (or more) and imagine your long and shinny hair before the hormones took over. Imagine your perky breasts before the babies started pulling and sucking.  Imagine your board-like, six-pack tummy before the stretching and fat deposits… 

Now, wake up from that imagination and take a look at your body now. It’s OK. You’re not alone. Even if hubby is not complaining, deep down, you miss that body. You can’t get that body back but you can embrace the new you. You can cut down on the sugars and fats. You can spare 5 minutes daily for workouts and abs-tightening exercises…

That sexy body is gone for good, but you can still look steamy hot in your lingerie and mini jumpsuits. You can focus on your inner beauty and develop yourself productively. 

Yes! You can still be sexy, even at sixty!


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