*Pre test: This question goes to all married folks in the house – Who is your best friend? Shhh… Keep the answer for now!
Humans are emotional beings. No matter how strong you are, a point will be reached when you’ll need someone’s arms to latch on, or a shoulder to cry on. One of the biggest reasons why men get married is to have someone to cuddle with after a hectic day. Likewise, women marry in order to have someone that is more than just a friend, but someone who they can comfortably call BAE (before anyone else)? 

It’s OK to hide your darkest secrets from your spouse, if you think that laying it bare might hurt them. But you don’t have to be too secretive and paranoid. Your spouse should feel safe confiding in you, except for extreme cases. Allaah has described spouses as “garments” to each other (Qur’an chapter 2 verse 187). Perfect description! What else could be closer than a garment?

When there are misunderstandings, many  will leave BAE and take all unresolved issues outside the home. They would jump onto their “rebound guy/lady” and table all their worries before them. Funny enough, you don’t even need to go out to do the gisting. Your phone is with you 24/7 and you can remain online always online chatting with family, friends and even strangers while your spouse is sitting right there, next to you, literally begging you to look at them in the face. The rebound relationship doesn’t usually last long. You’ll soon realize that you have to go back home and face your reality head-on… 

Now here is the post test: Who is your best friend? 

Me: If you’re married and your spouse is not your best friend, I’m afraid, that marriage is warming up to self-destruct. 


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