It’s funny how people go for medical tests when they want to marry legally, but do nothing before keeping a side chick. My heart bleeds when I see a woman coming repeatedly with a disease she got from a wayward husband. It’s almost impossible to do “contact tracing” and treat the man, plus the harlot(s) who infected him. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends. 


Children are directly or indirectly affected – medically and otherwise. The next generation can be HIV/AIDS free if we can reduce mother-to-child transmission of the virus to zero. But the sad news is that we still have the transmission via receptive-penetrative sexual contacts. This means a boy can still get it from sharing blades with his infected father. Condoms can reduce the risk, but the best choice remains abstinence (and being faithful to your spouse).


When you cheat on your spouse, deep down, you can’t feel at ease. You’re often on edge and anxious. You keep watching your back to be sure no one is spying (forgetting that God is watching you). You want to rationalise. You feel guilty at first and when you outgrow that stage, you keep going back for more. 


As stated in the last point above, infidelity is a mental disposition. Sex can be addictive, just like drugs of abuse. This may lead to aggressive behaviour, rape and other sexual offences, violence and suicidal tendencies. 


When you become too engrossed in the act, there’s nothing your spouse can do to satisfy you. Her food is always salty. Her look is always ugly. Her styles are always boring. You want her to give it to you like your mistress who is high on weed, but that can’t happen. You can’t satisfy each other, you lose the excitement, and that leaves both of you frustrated and resentful. 


Our society’s interpretation of infidelity is lopsided. When a woman is suspected of, or caught cheating, she gets a greater part of the chastisement, as if it’s a one man show. As for the married man who cheats, people are fast to point fingers at his wife, for “pushing him out”. A society thrives well when moral values and integrity of the family institution are kept intact. Once promiscuity begins to eat in, more evils are bound to follow. 


Spirituality had been recognised as an integral part of our health. Even when the heart is hardened like a rock, the soul continues to feel that something is wrong. When the soul is sick, the rest of the body is sick. No wonder the divine punishment for adultery is severe… (Quran chapter 24 verse 2-3)


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