One of the biggest mistakes that young people make when they are in love is to assume that their partners will change to suit their whims. Yes, people change, but there are certain constitutional traits that are difficult to part with. 
Simple faults can be tolerated. Bad habits can be corrected and unlearned. But major issues might be difficult to gloss over. For example, if you are a perfectionist who pays strict attention to routines, you cannot expect to easily change someone who cares less about strictness. 
You are asthmatic, yet you went ahead to marry someone who has ‘promised’ to quit smoking. Promise alone is not enough here. You shouldn’t harm yourself or lose your sanity in the name of love. 
If you are a religious person and you plan to raise righteous children based on your beliefs, you’d better think twice before you marry someone who plays games with issues of faith. Some lovers choose to remain on separate paths but as soon as children come into the picture, confusion begins to set in…
There’s no universal yardstick for detecting who will change and who will not. Pray, seek advice and use a high index of discretion. I’m not here to burst your bubbles but it has been said: “follow your heart, but take your brain along”. 


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